Eliminating Your Information Silos

When trying to dismantle your information silos: “More systems isn’t always the answer. But having the right systems in place can be. When your organization invests in a solution that gives each employee the appropriate level of insight to the same single source of truth, it’s hard for information silos to thrive.” -Niji Sabharwal

Dismantling vertically stored information is key for the new hybrid workspace. We have collaboration platforms which have provided great solutions to tackling problems such as asynchronous work and faster response times. But these platforms have their limitations, especially in the information sharing space.

Vizerto is the right system that will enable your sales teams to share information to the most effective level. And it is done so using natural language in a question/answer format. If the solution doesn’t yet exist in Vizerto, the question will be routed to the right people and will grow the knowledge base; when someone asks a similar question later, that knowledge can be reused. That valuable bit of information would easily be lost in the big collaboration platforms of today.

Does any of this ring a bell? Check out Vizerto.

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