FAQs are out. Enterprise Digital Assistants are in.

“Let’s face it: Most FAQ pages aren’t composed of frequently asked questions at all. The content on the page is invented by someone on the marketing team. Hopefully the chosen questions reflect reality, but they’re almost never pulled from a deep knowledge of what customers are actually asking. You can’t tell us that this question wasn’t added by an over-eager marketer.” (Sowers)

When is the last time you actually went to a FAQ page on a company website and actually found information you were looking for? Current alternatives include various processes to address the problem before it happens, usually by collecting customer service information and improving insights so the customer doesn’t have to search for what they don’t know. But Vizerto is an even better alternative.

Would you like to have all of your technical information readily available to all of your sales teams? Not stored in information silos, and not having to strain your sales engineers by flooding them with the same questions over and over again? Use an AI/Machine Learning-powered tool that will scale expertise as well as provide a solution to the frustrating experience with FAQs. Try Vizerto today.

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